How to come up with tag ideas for your blog posts

Coming up with tags for new articles can be tricky. Are yours useful for readers?

Start a podcast

An excellent Wordpress plugin for publishing your podcast

I've recently launched my very own personal finance podcast. It's a solo effort where I only release one new episode per week (thats the plan). I thought it would be good fun to do and to see how it goes. If you're considering doing something simple then I would definitely recommend trying it, what have… Continue reading An excellent WordPress plugin for publishing your podcast

Team of workers

Setting up a Wordpress blogging schedule to make things easier

This is the first post to be published on this new blog, so I guess I should start by saying hello! I'm Chris and I will be writing all the content here. It's a spin-off of my main blog, which is powered by WordPress. I thought it would be cool to have a separate website… Continue reading Setting up a WordPress blogging schedule to make things easier